I am an interdisciplinary artist working across the fields of digital media, performance, art, video, sculpture and painting, to the conceptual goal of redefining what it means to be a feminist artist living and working in the social media age. My recent artwork (and some of my writing) has been predicated on the way in which imagery depicting marginalized bodies (people of color, women, the LGBTQ community) often results in further denial of interior life to the subject, regardless of the agenda of the image-maker. In order to address this I have been attempting to use the able, white, cis-male body as a neutered and exclusively formal motif. The work I have made is at times violent; based around a dystopic supposition that in order to level a demographic playing field we must bring empowered bodies downward instead of futilely attempting to raise all marginalized bodies upwards.

My work theoretically relies upon the flattening of personhood that is often implied in the formal rendering of  bodies; a dehumanizing experience that white male bodies exceptionally evade. Throughout the process of making my work I have tried to attune myself to a mindset of extreme denial of male agency, reassigning the role of the ornamental from women to men.

Though reflexively critical, the white male body is superfluously present in much of my work, imitating the omnipotent power of white men in our society. The male body surrounds the viewer and structures the pieces (if not literally, implicitly), just as these bodies structure the rituals of everyday life. The repetition of the generalized male body and neutering of its form allows room to question this brand of masculinity; but ultimately, the white male’s constant presence in the work emulates its pervasiveness and empowered position within the context of modernity.